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A Shout Out to Healing

A shout out to Angel Blessings Wellness Spa in Las Vegas! Heidi Anderson and all of the healers there are incredible. I hope everyone can stop by to see what the Spa offers! Check out the website:
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Caleb’s Stores (cont…)

As the BIT sessions continued on Caleb (it took 12 hours total), he began to come out of his shell. He started to stand up for himself verbally and became more assertive. He found a new confidence and was able to express his emotions. He began to accept hugs and other physical contact; before he would have none of it. His physical interests grew; he was more athletic which improved his reflexes. He started to learn and play basketball. In fact in a local little league game, he caught a pass and scored a basket. There was a change in
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New Journey!

As Easter 2013 approaches, we’ve officially found a home at the Angel Blessings Wellness Spa in Las Vegas, NV! It seems like we’ve been beginning, over and over. We started in Price, Utah then spent some time in Eastern Utah, gaining experience working with people who had emotional compulsions and trauma. Later we started working with people who had different cognitive disorders and learning disabilities. Our business was growing because of the success we had in improving people’s lives. Finding that people across Utah wanted our services, we began to travel. Dr. Rick Jensen ND, had begun referring patients who
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