MRT – Muscle Reactivation Technique

In some situations muscles have become weakened or unresponsive due to trauma: strokes, surgical procedures, accidents, weak bladder or disease. MRT restores muscle activity by reconnecting the neuromuscular circuitry – or pathways – between the brain and one’s muscles.

The first step is to assess brain function to assure that the brain is able to properly send messages to the various parts of the body to initiate a response (BIT). Following the assessment, we will provide a plan on what can be done to help and how long the plan may take to implement.

Some areas MRT has been successful:

  • Curtail Incontinence
  • Improve Sports Performance
  • Reverse Effects of Stroke
  • Overcome C-Section Trauma
  • Reduce Post-Surgery Pain
  • Improve Instrumental Music Performance

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