Success Stories / Testimonials


Spelling test:

In previous months a student was receiving 50%-60% scores on his spelling test. Now the student is suspected of having a cheat sheet when his spelling test scores are 90% or better each week. His mom is elated with the complete change in her child.

Paying Attention:

One student’s standardized test scores were in the forty percentile, when his mom brought him to us. After BIT, his Special Ed teacher saw him steadily improve. At the end of the year his scores were now in the eighth percentile.

His focus and concentration has done a 360! His Special Ed teacher has since, referred her grandchildren!

Phantom Pain:

A dear friend –whom I hadn’t seen in a while-, happened to be at a client’s home. She was a good friend of the client, so we invited her to observe the procedures.

Upon talking to her I found out she had been in vehicle accident that had taken her lower leg. I asked if she was suffering from phantom pain. She exclaimed, “Yes, the curse of my life!” She went on to explain that she may be in bed for 2-3 days and used Rx meds to get any relief. After about 30 mins of working with her, she was given a method and now the phantom pain has yet to reoccur!

Quick results:

A client, from La Verkin, couldn’t get out of a deep knee bend without help. She from a stooping or squatting position she couldn’t stand up. After taking just three minutes to connect the neurological pathway to one small muscle in the client’s knee (called the Articularis Genu), she got off the table. She then was able to squatting and stand.

She was astounded! She’d had that issue for over five years. Now playing with her dogs has been much more enjoyable!


A mother of a boy with dyslexia saw immediate success. The boy dyslexic symptoms were reducing and the boys overall attitude and demeanor changed.

She was so excited she scheduled her daughter a few weeks later. In addition to dyslexia, her daughter was struggling with math and reading comprehension (she hated story problems).

Both children are excelling in all their academic endeavors; neither child shows signs of ever having dyslexia!


One morning I received a phone call from a one of our Muscle Reactivation Technique (MRT) clients. Doctors told him he would never have the use of his arm/hand again. In a voice broken by tears, he cried, “I just had to call you; I can make a fist for the first time since the stroke!”



“When very young I was diagnosed with a dyslexia disorder known as Irlen Syndrome, also know as scotopic sensitivity syndrome.  Reading was always difficult because when I would focus on a page of words, the spaces between letters would appear as rivers running down the page. As I would begin reading the words would then begin swirling like looking down the eye of a tornado.  I was a poor reader at best.  I was especially fearful to read aloud to anyone.

Two days after my Crossinology Brain Integration was done, I had to teach a class; one that I teach once a month.  I was not nearly as scared, as I was before Brain Integration.  I felt fear, but I didn’t feel it come out like it would have before; I felt more calm, that was just another thing Brain Integration helped with.  It was cool.

The best part was that the rivers and swirls were gone.  I was able to read to the whole class without any trouble.  As I was reading, and preparing to teach the class, I read more a little amount of time than I have for a long time.  Not only could I read faster than I ever have, I could understand it!  Then I read out loud in class and I understood it!  That has just never happened!  I’m a bit freaked out, in shock and am still in a state of amazement, but I am thrilled!”

Matt D, Price Utah


“I got Taycies report card today.  It was awesome. So, thank you again, so much.  It’s funny; at parent/teacher conference her teacher asked what happened to Taycie, because she’s not the Taycie from last quarter.  They tested her reading just before Christmas and she was reading 86 wpm and two weeks later when they came back from the break (after you worked on her) she read 108 wpm, so she is getting there.  But the biggest improvement is the {lack of} drama; it’s wonderful! She doesn’t cry over everything!”

K. Davis, Price, UT


“My twelve year old was going to have to do speech therapy because he still could not say his R’s.  Speech Therapy is under the umbrella of Special Ed.  He is the smartest kid in the class, he just couldn’t say his R’s.  Larry performed Crossinology on him and now he can say his R’s and doesn’t have to go to Special Ed.”

J.R. – Price,  UT


“EFT literally saved my life.  I was traumatized so deeply I cried every day, this went on for years.  After three hours with the Jensens I was a whole new woman!  It was truly amazing!”

M.W. – Price,  UT


“I was skeptical but didn’t care.  Whether laughing, coughing, sneezing or jumping on the trampoline with my kids I invariably, uh, er, ummm, would squirt- (sorry, there’s no polite way to say it).  It took less than an hour for my coccygeus muscles to be neurologically reconnected; I returned home and jumped – squirt/leak free – on the trampoline with my daughter for the first time in my daughter’s life!  Seriously? IT IS LIFE CHANGING!”

A.H. Eagle Mountain, UT


“Before I got brain integration I didn’t do well in school. I used to not remember what I read after I read a book. I would get bad grades and I would do horrible. When I was 7 years old I went through a traumatic experience. Thereafter, when I got busy and did a whole bunch of things at once I would just start crying. So then I got my brain integrated I do a whole lot better,  I remember what I read and I barely remember my traumatic experiences. I stay calm. I don’t freak out any more.  I am really happy that I got my brain integrated.”

Amy T, Panaca, NV


“When Sabrina was in the second grade, she was diagnosed with ADHD. Couldn’t sit still, couldn’t concentrate, was very disruptive in class and had trouble remembering things.  She was given methylin, which helped her sit still, but didn’t help much with any of her other problems. She had to work very hard just to get passing grades. She would also get very upset and argue with her best friends.

I just didn’t know what to do for her. I knew she was smart, she just couldn’t get IT. Then a good friend told me about brain integration and what it had done for her daughter. I was so excited and hopeful, I couldn’t wait to get an appointment. She was evaluated the first part of April, andwas a very disconnected little girl. She had her therapy sessions the first part of May. It has been almost two months, and even through school is out, she is reading better, able to concentrate she doesn’t get so flustered over everything. She is doing better with her math and hasn’t had any arguments with the kids in the neighbourhood. She can stay focused on what she is doing and no longer needs any medication at all. She is such a happy, peaceful, contented child now.

I am every excited for school to start in the fall, Sabrina will be starting sixth grade, and I know the teachers will see a big change in her in every way. I am so thankful that we found Larry and brain integration. I just want everyone who has a child with any learning problems to get BIT. It looks so simple and works miracles.

Another thing it has helped, she has always been very afraid of water.  Would not leave the edge of the pool. Now she is out in the middle of the pool playing in water up to her neck, going under and swimming having lost of fun. She won’t go in the deep end yet, but she is making progress every time we go.  Thank you Larry for saving my baby.”

V. temple, Price Utah